Four kinds of "jersey dressing" teaching including basketball and baseball uniforms

For athletes, "the jersey is the jersey", which means that the body and mind belong to their own team. For modern people, the jersey not only represents the players
and teams you support, but also a great tool for individuals to wear! Not only do you see it in Fashion Week, but many celebrities also rely on it in their daily wear.
Let’s take a look at which jerseys will make you more stylish in matching!

1. Basketball Jersey

Speaking of the first impression of a jersey, one immediately thinks of the sleeveless jersey worn by basketball players, but the sleeveless design often makes many people retreat. One is that they are afraid of seeing their unconfident arms, and the other is that they are afraid of wearing them alone. The door club looks a little casual, in fact, basketball jerseys can be worn with short sleeves or caps, which greatly improves the overall level and style!

2. Baseball Jersey

Different from other types of jerseys, the most distinctive feature of baseball jerseys is the "open-breasted" design, which allows more changes in the dressing. It
can be worn alone, or as an outer shirt or jacket, whether for boys. I'm still a girl, so I'm very good at dressing, so I don't want to buy a knife quickly.

3. Football jersey

In recent years, football jerseys can be said to have been popular for half a day. PALACE, the leader of British skateboarding culture, has sold several football
jerseys, each of which is a hot commodity in the season. In addition, you can also see the appearance of football jerseys in European fashion weeks. The special
feature of football jerseys is the tailoring similar to POLO shirts. Many styles have a collar design, although they can be worn on slightly formal occasions. Self-
style, casual yet formal, is the next item you can try.

4. Ice Hockey & American Football Jersey

Because ice hockey and American football are unique sports in the United States, jerseys are relatively rare in Taiwan, but we can often see them on social media. Most ice hockey jerseys have long sleeves, so they are worn in winter. It’s more common on top. Adding a cap TEE inside will make the whole look very nice and it is a very good single product. American football jerseys are designed with oversize and dropped shoulders. Because American football players have to wear protective gear, the jerseys are often larger, and the matching is also very diverse. It can be worn with shirts, caps and TEE, or worn alone. Necessities for style wear!

When I was in college, I always saw people wearing jerseys to class directly, and the professor would read those classmates in class. In fact, with some changes in
clothing, the jerseys can be suitable for different occasions. Try different collocations, not only wearing them With more knowledge, self-confidence in yourself will also greatly increase!