How to match throwback basketball jersey to look fashionable

Throwback basketball jerseys are favored by many basketball enthusiasts. They are loose and comfortable to wear. So how should Throwback jerseys match clothes? Provide a few experiences for everyone.

Loose denim trousers. Does the jersey and jeans look different? It is indeed a bit different. In the choice of color, you should choose the same hue and the colors should not be too far apart.

Slim-fit denim shorts. This way it looks cooler and more fashionable, full of street basketball feeling.


Casual trousers. Wearing long slacks is suitable for spring and autumn seasons, so it looks a little procrastinated and suitable for tall boys.

A pair of white shoes. No matter what kind of pants you wear with Throwback jerseys, a pair of white shoes on the soles of your feet will make you more energetic.

Chic headdress. Generally, when younger boys wear Throwback jerseys, they also wear very fashionable headwear, which is full of fashion and sports.

Sweatpants. Sportswear is a good match with sports pants. Pairing with sports pants gives people a sense of sportsmanship and a sense of movement.

Crotch pants. This kind of match requires bold boys, suitable for thinner boys, and looks cool when worn on the body.